The Dynamics and Contexts of Cultural Transfers. An anthology

The Dynamics and Contexts of Cultural Transfers. An anthology
Serie Skrifter utgivna av Avdelningen för litteratursociologi vid Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen i Uppsala
Förlag Avdelningen för litteratursociologi
FormatDanskt band
ISBN 9789198281927
This anthology examines the nature and consequences of cultural transfers – ways in which cultural, social and political/ideological elements cross national and cultural boundaries., how they are changed and how they affect the contexts in which they arrive. Processes of translation and adaptation play an important role, as do the roles performed by different actors – governmental, academic, and artistic.The Dynamics and Contexts of Cultural Transfers collects articles from the research network U4 (universities of Ghent, Groningen, Göttingen and Uppsala). They highlight questions of different power relations, of what is national and what is world literature, and how cultural transfer intertwines ideas on culture and literature.
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