The Beach Beneath the Road

The Beach Beneath the Road
Serie Lund University centre for sustainability studies
Förlag Media-Tryck
Antal sidor294
Vikt655 gr
ISBN 9789198220155
Chad Stephen Boda, the youngest of four siblings, has long been passionate about issues of environmental conservation and sustainable development. This passion has led him to pursue higher education degrees in geography, environmental studies and sustainability science. Chad was born and raised in Flagler Beach, Florida, U.S.A. He currently resides in Malmö, Sweden.That Florida is in the midst of an ecological crisis is a perspective increasingly shared by academy, government, private industry and civil society. Ideas about the causes of the state’s environmental problems and how best to address them, however, are not so well aligned. While some are prone to emphasize the primacy of economic growth over environmental conservation, others argue that, like love and marriage, you cannot have one without the other. More particularly, Florida’s many densely populated barrier islands are experiencing increasingly severe critical erosion, threatening people, property and endangered species habitat. In the face of expanding urban development, rising seas and coastal squeeze, the traditional strategies for managing erosion are looking less and less appropriate and the need for a sustainable coastal development strategy more and more apparent.
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