Building Peace, creating conflict? : conflictual dimensions of local and international peacebuilding

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One of the most significant challenges facing the international community today is how to secure stability and rebuild societies emerging from civil wars. International peace-building missions have been deployed in a range of countries emerging from civil war. The empirical record of international efforts to advance peace has been mixed. While some post-war countries have made significant strides towards peace and democracy, other countries have experienced a return to war. In yet other cases the outcome has been a partial implementation of peace where new conflicts have been generated in the process. In Building Peace, Creating Conflict? a group of experts discuss the conflictual dimensions of peace-building. The authors specialize in various aspects and cover several themes such as frozen conflicts and unending peace processes; the efficiency of peacekeeping operations in promoting democracy, and individual and collective dimensions of justice and reconciliation. Contributors: Karin Aggestam, Department of Political Science, Lund University Annika Björkdahl, Department of Political Science, Lund University Hanne Fjelde, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University Linnéa Gelot, School of Global Studies & Centre of Globalization and Development, University of Gothenburg Birger Heldt, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm Kristine Höglund, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University Anna K. Jarstad, Folke Bernadotte Academy & Department of Government, Uppsala University Roland Kosti, Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University Johanna Mannergren Selimovic, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm Elisabeth Olivius, Department of Political Science & Umeå Centre for Gender Studies, Umeå University Louise Olsson, Folke Bernadotte Academy, Stockholm Fredrik Söderbaum, School of Global Studies (SGS), University of Gothenburg