Prisoners in Paris

Prisoners in Paris
Serie Siri the viking
Förlag Stevali
GenreSerier och skämtteckningar
Antal sidor89
Vikt371 gr
ISBN 9781908233387
THE FEARSOME VIKING Rollie is attacking Paris! He is assisted by Ivar and Grim, two bumbling villains whose plans to get into the city fail time and time again. Now Rollie s patience has come to an end, and they are in serious trouble.Ivar and Grim realize that there s only one person who can save them. With some difficulty, they kidnap Siri and Zack and bring them back to Paris, where Siri is presented to a skeptical Rollie. Can a little kid really help the savage Vikings? Now Siri has to pretend to assist Rollie while secretly finding ways to protect the denizens of Paris from the Vikings attacks. Her task grows more impossible with each passing day, until she and Zack suddenly receive help from an unexpected source