Du visar för närvarande Ny historisk thriller av Joakim Weman
Joakim Wemans nya thriller Imperial Order

Ny historisk thriller av Joakim Weman

What if Napoleon had won?

The year is 1838. Emperor Napoleon I rules most of Europe after defeating all of his enemies twenty-eight years earlier. 
But all is not well. Napoleon’s sickly son cannot produce an heir which casts doubt on the succession, and Napoleon himself is said to be preparing one last war.
Count Fredrik af Wijkman, Sweden’s ambassador to France, finds his quiet life at the Bonaparte court suddenly upset when an unknown man is shot in front of his home and dies in his arms. The dying man’s final act is to give Fredrik a bewildering message.
Over the coming months, his life and that of his friends will change forever as Fredrik tries to solve the mystery while the struggle for imperial power becomes ever more fierce.
As the future of Europe hangs in the balance and Fredrik fights for his life, the fateful summer of 1839 is drawing closer.

Imperial Order is Joakim Weman’s second novel.

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