Beyond the leadership myth : discover the power of collaborationship

Beyond the leadership myth : discover the power of collaborationship
Förlag Christian Monö Consulting
Antal sidor221
Vikt404 gr
ISBN 9789176097571
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Leadership has long been seen as one of the most vital and influential factors in both social and organizational development. It is believed to play a central part in how humans interact and collaborate. But where do these beliefs come from? Is it true that leaders shape the world we live in? And what is a leader and why do people dislike the idea of being a follower? In this well-written, thought-provoking book, Christian Monö examines the most fundamental questions about leaders, followers and their interaction. By looking at the history of Man, and examining the science and industry that surrounds leadership, Monö explores the true nature of Man’s desire to lead and follow. Drawing on recent research and real life examples, the author presents a new view on what it means to be a true leader and an effective follower. Monö shows how this new perspective can greatly benefit both individuals and organizations. All we need to do is look beyond the traditional leadership myth.