Fika : made in Sweden

Fika : made in Sweden
Förlag Albertine Publishing
GenreMat och dryck
Antal sidor113
Vikt486 gr
ISBN 9789198628500

Awarded prestigious "BEST BOOK ON COFFEE 2021" by Gourmand Awards, and Måltidsakademiens Best book in the category of "Ceremonial meals" 2020, the book lets the reader in on Sweden's best kept secret, FIKA. Personal and factful, with stunning photographs and bold graphic design (including an open-thread-stich back) the book also serves as an introduction to Sweden. FIKA, coffee with pastry, is the Swedish way to relax, celebrate and solve problems in every conceivable private and public sphere, from the kitchen table to Parliament. The book is for anyone with a connection to or an interest in Sweden, and for Swedes to discover their cultural treasure and social ritual FIKA.