Wisdom for the wild

Wisdom for the wild
Förlag Mindboozt Publications
GenreGeografi och resor
Antal sidor124
Vikt460 gr
ISBN 9789198554779
To the wild-hearted adventurers longing to break the norms, create a life on the own terms and make their visions into a reality. Everything should have been perfect. A perfect job after a perfect university program, amazing friends and fun activities to occupy her in her spare time. The map was all laid out, better job, more money, bigger house, settle down and get a family and live happily afterwards. But she didn't want it. Didn't want to continue to build that "perfect life". This is a compilation of her insights from life, business and everything during her travels. This book is for you who long to leave a box that is too small for you. If that resonates with you; now is the time to play big, to act on your passions and go for your dreams. This book is your support and inspiration on that journey.