Prepared for Both

Prepared for Both
Förlag Media-Tryck
GenreSamhälle, politik och debatt
Antal sidor456
Vikt1300 gr
ISBN 9789198370638
The title of this book – “Prepared for Both: Lund University and the Surrounding World” – has been chosen to demonstrate the breadth of an old university since it was founded in 1666: in the past, just recently, and right now. The emphasis is on the last fifty years, the time that has passed since the university last celebrated its existence. It can be read as a survey of the last half-century, of how the university has lived up to the old motto on its seal – “Prepared for both” – but perhaps it also gives an idea of where it is headed. The book seeks moreover to capture some of the interaction between the university and the world around it, a perspective that is often lacking, but one which is needed to understanding the variegated history of the university. Besides the editors Gunnar Broberg and David Dunér, contributing authors are Katarina Bernhardsson, Gustav Holmberg, Thomas Kaiserfeld, Elisabeth Mansén, Svante Nordin, Jan Eric Olsén, and Johan Östling.