Förlag Woodpecker Projects
FormatDanskt band
Antal sidor62
Vikt110 gr
ISBN 9789198097788
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This book was produced to accompany Woodpecker Projects’ exhibition TERRA INCOGNITA at KRETS in Malmö, 2015. The represented artists work with different concepts and materials. Some works are documenting, some are romanticizing and others deceive the viewer’s eye. Some materials are refined and others raw. The works are results of different processes, somehow dealing with nature. Some use the idea of nature, exploring it in contrast to a civilized, cultured world. Others are more direct confrontations. With these works, we hope to share and explore questions dealing with our (the contemporary human’s) relation to nature and its expressions. TERRA INCOGNITA, the title of this book and of the exhibition, is a term used in cartography for regions that have not yet been mapped or documented. It is also the title of Jens Henricson’s contribution to the exhibition, which depicts a kidney cancer cell magnified 180 times. The artwork is reminiscent of how similar the microscopic sometimes is to the macroscopic. Henricson’s work is also the cover of this book.