Infrafaces : Essays on the Artistic Interaction

Infrafaces : Essays on the Artistic Interaction
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Förlag ArtMonitor Avhandling
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ISBN 9789197999359
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This thesis, Infrafaces, is about interactivity and analyzes what is happening at the exact moment of contact and information exchange when two or more elements connect. The thesis consists of five essays intertwined with interactive works of art where the author was the subject of his own artistic research. It states that in any interaction a new place arises, but this place is paradoxical in the sense that it both separates and unifies and it can be extended ad finitum. This artistic interpretation of the process of interactivity is what is called the infrafaces. Infraface is an artistic interpretation of the process of interactivity. It is what occurs beyond interfacing. In this manner this essay seeks to encourage a different understanding of our environment by means of interaction.
Marco Muñoz, also known as Tepez, was born in Mexico City where he completed his education in Visual Communication at the National Academy of Arts. Presently, M M T lives and work as an artist in Gothenburg and Mexico City. Tepez works and experiments mainly with interactive installations and video projections.