Ten rules for life : The road to success

Ten rules for life : The road to success
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ISBN 9789189286733
How to become rich and happy   The Scandinavian countries and their people are now among the richest and happiest in the world. But what is their secret? In this book Ten Rules of Life – The Road to Success, the author shares, in an inspiring way, his knowledge and experiences on how to achieve success and becoming financially independent while you being happy along the way. The path to these successes goes through using ten rules of life, where the focus is on gaining courage, mental toughness and strength. You will learn to finding your purpose, dare setting bold goals, focusing on solutions, taking responsibility and always getting up and becoming a winner. By following these rules and working with your self-confidence, you can create your own miracle regardless of your background and what setbacks you have previously had!   Kjell Stenudd has been an elite hockey coach, but also has many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur. Among other things he founded several companies which the last had 300 employees. All his companies were acquired by larger groups. Today he is responsible for business development within a larger company that builds modern and sustainable properties in Scandinavia.   Kjell has an MBA from Probana Business School and has studied business management and marketing at IHM Business School. Over the years, he has followed his own advice; as a result, he has attained a level of life balance that many of us can only dream of.The book has quickly become a success and received amazing reviews. Read it now and lay the foundation for a new and better life! ”Do not think it is easier, think you are stronger”