Leva med barn - engelsk utgåva

Leva med barn - engelsk utgåva
Förlag Gothia Kompetens AB
GenreHälsa, skönhet och sex
Antal sidor160
ISBN 9789177412458
Life with children är den engelska versionen av Leva med barn.

Living with a child is both fun and difficult. An adventure that gives you new perspectives and offers both joy and challenges. What can it be like? What is it like being a child? What to do as a parent? Parenthood is a lifelong undertaking that changes as the children grow up. Life with children is meant as a guide for this journey, a book to search through when you have got a specific question, or to read through from start to finish. With this book as an inspiration we hope that you can gather knowledge, tips and advice, receive support and reassurance!

This book also introduces you to how the Swedish child healthcare works and to the main principles of the UN convention on the rights of the child.

This is a shortened, translated edition of the fourteenth edition of Leva med barn, published in 2020.

Life with children is also available in Swedish.

The authors are Marie Köhler, paediatrician, Antonia Reuter, psychologist and Johanna Tell, child healthcare nurse. With their three different professions within child healthcare they contribute considerable knowledge from their various fields.