Capturing effects - of projects and programmes

Capturing effects - of projects and programmes
Förlag Studentlitteratur AB
GenreSamhälle, politik och debatt
FormatEbok (EPUB)
ISBN 9789144113722

Large projects financed by the EU are always evaluated. But are these evaluations looking for long-term effects? It is no simple task to capture effects of programmes and projects. One reason is that these effects may be of many different kinds – unexpected, non-intended, surprising, hidden and sometimes outside the goal area. Capturing these types of effects has proved to be very important in assessing the value of the programmes.

This book describes the results of a number of analyses of development work in large projects and programmes – in organisations, at the regional level, in national programmes etc. Conclusions are drawn from theoretical analyses, as well as from an extensive and broad range of empirical studies.

The book is intended for those working with development, both in the private and public sectors, but also managers, evaluators and researchers. It can be used in education programmes of different kinds – in a number of areas of higher education and in training of project workers and project owners.