The Crash of 2024

The Crash of 2024
Förlag Stefan Fölster
GenreDeckare, thrillers och spänning
Antal sidor442
ISBN 9781795697415
This page turner thriller puts us on the cutting edge of a new type of war – a war where all methods are allowed. A war that has already started in real life. The plot is exceptionally realistic and authentic. A must read for those wanting to prepare for the future. This book combines the breathtaking pace of Dan Brown, the astute take on international conflict of Tom Clancy, and the author’s personal knowledge of the secrets of international finance. The frightful scheme emerging from disparate puzzling events risks pushing the world back to the dark ages. The peril to western civilization exposed in this book is imminent. Criminals and their organizations that are described here are real, as are their ability to ruin countries financially and politically. All the scams, frauds, conspiracies, and aggressions in this book are currently being perpetrated or planned. Some may already have succeeded or have been exposed by the time this book reaches its readers. Learn how to save yourself, while immersing in suspense that will keep you up all night.