The Kingfisher Secret

The Kingfisher Secret
Förlag Random House UK
GenreDeckare, thrillers och spänning
Antal sidor372
Vikt275 gr
ISBN 9781787462731

 It's October 2016. A loud, brash businessman with a history of shady dealings and sexual misbehaviour is a serious contender to win the presidency. Even a porn star's credible allegations don't seem to slow him down.

But his most dangerous secrets may be hidden behind the former Iron Curtain.

Journalist Grace Elliot is dispatched to Europe, hot on the trail of a story so big it could blow up the entire election - if she can stay alive long enough to tell it:

The man who might become President was married to a Czech woman with a beguiling and contradictory past, no records, and no history - and who has all the hallmarks of a Soviet intelligence asset.

Her codename is Kingfisher. And her mission is almost complete