Sex and Vanity

Sex and Vanity
Förlag Random House UK
GenreUtländska berättare
ISBN 9781786332288

When Lucie Tang Churchill meets George Zao at a lavish Capri wedding, she cant stand him: Hes a mamas boy. A self-righteous eco-warrior. A brooding weirdo that takes himself much too seriously. And no-one should look that good in tight white Speedos.

Worried about what her Mayflower-descended, Wall Street-wealthy family might think of this Hong Kong surfer boy, Lucie returns to the safety of Manhattans Upper East Side. So when she meets Cecil, a suave billionaire more concerned with his Instagram account than the planet, she thinks shes found the perfect way to forget that moonlit night

Beneath the lobster ravioli, Valentino bikinis, mega-yachts and Park Avenue apartments, lurks the horror of the casual dress code and the fear that someone, somewhere, is drinking a better vintage Champagne.