Thousand paper birds

Thousand paper birds
Förlag Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
GenreUtländska berättare
Antal sidor336
Vikt236 gr
ISBN 9781408878668
'Absolutely wonderful. It has the emotional integrity of One Day and the complexity and character depth of Cloud Atlas ... An incredible achievement' Deborah Install, author of A Robot in the Garden Jonah roams Kew Gardens trying to reassemble the shattered pieces of his life after the death of his wife, Audrey. Chloe sits by the lake, finding solace in the origami she meticulously folds; when she meets Jonah, her defences threaten to fall. Milly, a child quick to laugh, freely explores Kew. But where does she go when the gardens are closed? Harry's job is to save Kew's plants from extinction. He longs for something - or someone - who will root him firmly to the earth. Audrey links these strangers together. As the mystery of her death unravels, the characters weather the seasons to learn that stories, like paper, can be reformed.