Beyond the Leadership Myth : Why We Follow Leaders and Lead Followers

Beyond the Leadership Myth : Why We Follow Leaders and Lead Followers
Förlag Christian Monö Consulting
Antal sidor271
Vikt491 gr
ISBN 9789175751764
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"Leadership" is a lucrative business. Every year, companies and organizations spend billions of dollars on it. However, there is very little scientific evidence suggesting that leaders are as important as we are given to think. In fact, scientists cannot even agree on what differentiates a leader from a non-leader. To make matters worse, the focus on leaders has led to people neglecting the role of followers. Consequently, the world is oblivious of the power and influence hidden in true followership. In this thought-provoking book, Christian Monö examines the most fundamental questions about leadership and followership. What is a leader and how are they important? Why do people follow leaders; is it in our genes to do so or or is it a constructed phenomenon? By approaching these issues from a follower perspective, Monö explores the true nature of both followership and leadership. In the process, he exposes and confronts many assumptions regarding leaders and followers; assumptions that greatly influence how we run our companies, organizations and even countries.