The picture of Dorian Gray

The picture of Dorian Gray
Förlag Barthelson Förlag
GenreUtländska berättare
Antal sidor219
Vikt175 gr
ISBN 9781848373310
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At eighteen, the handsome Dorian Gray has his portrait painted, which prompts an admirer, Lord Henry Wotton, to declare that life is nothing without beauty and sensuous gratification. Suddenly scared of growing old and ugly, Dorian makes the fateful wish that the painted image should age rather than himself. Then fearless of the consequences he launches on a life of excess and depravity. Wildes cautionary tale, published in 1891, describes how every sin that Dorian commits is reflected in the portrait. The painting is banished to his attic, where the image finally becomes so loathsome that Dorian tries to destroy it.
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