Notes from that war

Notes from that war
Förlag BoD
Antal sidor130
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ISBN 9789180277891
"These notes were not intended to be published. I was writing them silently with myself as the only reader, to dissect darkness and process what it is doing to flesh and blood. To religion and freedom. In front of our eyes as we watch from the sidelines. There is so much to take in, too much evil. It is that war, that life, that fear."

NOTES FROM THAT WAR tells the story of a conflict, a country and a people, as far as the heart can cope and beyond. Exploring the mentality of coexistence, love, suffering, and the fight against segregation, it takes us into a world - not so far away - where travelling is to butcher, siblings are regarded as lovers, children are raised to become assassins, and those who suffer are rewarded with sanctions, all of which constituting a fraction of everyday life...