Industrial Management : tools and techniques

Industrial Management : tools and techniques
Förlag Studentlitteratur AB
Antal sidor248
ISBN 9789144107882
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Everyone who works in a technology-intensive context must be able to conduct business activities, make financial assessments, and understand the relationship between technology and management. Thus, there is a huge demand for people with a good knowledge of management and business administration at the interface with technology and engineering. Engineers must have the skills to understand the technical implications of management and financial decisions as well as the business and managerial implications of technical decisions.

Today’s engineers are expected to be able to support their decisions in financial terms and to use various tools and techniques to make calculations, perform analyses, develop the business, conduct projects, and market goods and services. Industrial Management – tools and techniques is primarily for engineering students at university level who are taking an introductory course in industrial management. The book addresses a number of management and financial terms, methods, and tools which engineers must be able to use and understand in order to develop and manage industrial operations.