Bitch Doctrine

Bitch Doctrine
Förlag Bloomsbury
Antal sidor384
Vikt413 gr
ISBN 9781408881613
'I can't really think of another writer who so consistently and bravely keeps thinking and talking and learning and trying to make the world better' Caitlin Moran Smart and provocative, witty and uncompromising, this collection of Laurie Penny's celebrated essays establishes her as one of the most important and vibrant feminist voices of our time. From the shock of Donald Trump's election and the victories of the far right to online harassment and the transgender rights movement, this darkly humorous collection is an unflinching look at the definitive issues of our age. Penny is lyrical and passionate in her desire to confront injustice; she writes at the raw edge of the zeitgeist at a time when it has never been more vital to challenge social norms. This revelatory, revolutionary collection will give readers hope and tools for change from a bitch who wants to get stuff done.